ATTENTION coaches, consultants,
therapists, and other experts!

How our Impact Crusade™
delivers experts (with a
burning desire to help people)

5-60 clients every month?

While implementing a custom-built system to spread their message and build a profitable business around their purpose.

ATTENTION coaches, consultants,
therapists, and other experts!

How our Impact Crusade™ delivers experts (with a burning desire to help people)
5-60 clients every month?

How our
Impact Crusade™ delivers experts (with a burning desire to help people)

5-60 clients every month?

While implementing a custom-built system to spread their message and build a profitable business around their purpose.

I’ve got to say, I invested so much money and time into marketing courses, only to realize I was burning through hours trying to grasp stuff that just didn’t click with me—I couldn’t understand or apply it at all.

But then, what a relief it was! Rene and Renato, in just one call, managed to clear up all my doubts and worries. We quickly came up with a launch strategy for my hypnotherapy school, and wow, did it pay off.

Our first launch blew my expectations out of the water. We filled every single spot and brought in over 72.000 € in extra revenue!

But here’s what really touches my heart: my message is getting out there with the same passion and authenticity as if I were the one writing, speaking, or recording it myself. The support from them is just priceless.

That’s why I now trust them with all my marketing for the last 2 years!

Irena Kahne,
RTT therapist and the brain behind the Mindology Institute School of Hypnotherapy

Back in 2015, my wife and I opened the Sanus Statera medical center in Maribor. By 2022, we’d been growing organically, but then we hit a plateau. Maja and I had loads of ideas, a vision, and the desire to keep developing, but we quickly realized that further growth wasn’t going to happen the way we initially imagined.

So, we started looking for business partners who could give our marketing a boost. After four months of intense searching – because, obviously, not everyone was a good fit – we stumbled upon Rempire Media, run by Rene and Renato.

Right from the start, we were pleasantly surprised because they really went the extra mile and crafted a strategy just for our company, which needed a completely different approach. And I’ve got to say, they absolutely nailed it professionally. Now, we’ve been working together for over 4 months, and the growth is incredible. Truly incredible!

Božo in Maja Kranjčević,
Owners & Directors of Sanus Statera Medical Center

For the longest time, I was on the hunt for someone who could really get what makes me and the whole LMA special. I found those people at Rempire Media.

In our first 45 days working together, we made 37,000 € in sales. We could have probably doubled that if we had the capacity to handle all the inquiries coming our way.

What I love about Rempire is that it’s not just an agency. It feels like we’ve gained a partner in our business. They’ve helped us figure out the right packages for our programs, trained me and the rest of the team in sales, provided us with all the follow-up processes, and significantly contributed to our strategic business planning.

As a result, in just five months of working together, our company has grown by about 590%, and then we decided to expand to the US market.

After just 6 months, we’ve already crossed $1,000,000 in revenue in the US market alone!

Matej Sedmak,
Founder of Language Magic Adventures Language School


Before you get too excited, we have something to admit…

Before you get too excited,
we have something to admit…

Before you get too excited,
we have something to admit…

By the waywe’re Rene Trupej and Renato Lozinšek, founders of Rempire Media.

You can read more about us further down this page, but right now – there are 3 more important things for you to know…

I. The results of our clients are NOT typical. And definitely not guaranteed.

It wasn’t just our magic that got the results. Our clients also had to invest quite a bit (time, energy and money).

II. Our approach that delivers these insane results is often unusual – just like this website.

I mean –  which “serious” agency talks about some “crusade” and first hypes you up with client results, just to pour a cold shower of realistic expectations on you 😅

III. The fastest (and 🥁 FREE) way for you to learn how we deliver our clients’ results is to click here and sign up for our email list.

“Seriously? Another generic marketing newsletter? No thanks!”

Not at all. We won’t harass you just 1-2x per week. You get our emails daily.

“Umm… That’s even worse!?”

True. Well… if our emails were boring.

Luckily for you, they’re not just filled with insider info about how we’re transforming experts’ businesses (btw – you can freely use all of it in your business)

… all of the content is insanely easy-to-read, fun, and at times also… shocking!

Who knows — maybe these emails even become your favorite daily reading.

And if that somehow does NOT happen, we’ll refund all your…

“Wait – aren’t these emails FREE??”

Oh. You’re right. Well – in that case, we’ll refund your email address 😉

Or you can take it from us by clicking the “unsubscribe” link, if you don’t like our first email. The subject line is: “Your Bizarre Welcome (+ The Best Gift of All Time)”

Not convinced yet?

Aren’t you a tough nut to crack.

Ah – you’re probably still wondering…

What is The Impact Crusade™ ?

What is
The Impact Crusade™ ?

“A crusade is a passionate movement dedicated to advancing a cause or idea that has the potential to significantly change people’s lives.” (Source: Rempire Dictionary)

The Impact Crusade™ is our holistic, but CONTRARIAN approach for business growth that allows experts changing people’s lives to spread their message, get more clients and impact the world on a bigger scale.

The secret is using deep personal and business insights of experts to pick & build a perfect strategy that crowns them as the go-to authority, delivers them 5-60 clients per month (depending on goals, price, and capacities) and helps them grow a profitable business around their purpose.

How does The Impact Crusade™

How does
The Impact Crusade™

transform your business?

transform your business?

Before we figured out the Impact Crusade™, we kept facing the same problems with clients…

Our perspective was that of a marketing agency – let’s do EVERYTHING for clients: multiple funnels, different lead generation strategies, numerous automations, and… you get the point.

Don’t get us wrong – it all worked. BUT – clients’ business became far too complex and impossible to maintain – leaving experts spending more time running the business than actually helping people.

We decided to find a better way.

Something that would help experts spread their message, get more clients and make more impact – without driving them insane.

If you reading this, means – we found developed just that.

Phase I - The Oracle


Before embarking on the crusade, people in ancient times visited The Oracle seeking deep insights to help make their journey successful.

In the same spirit, we don’t try to impress you by how quickly we can launch your campaigns. Instead, we dive deep into understanding…

  • Your personal and business goals

  • Your mission & way of helping people

  • Your offer & business model

Learning these things allows us to pick the perfect growth strategy for your business to help you make more impact – without sacrificing the quality of your message or your well-being.

Phase II - The Armory


One of the key Rempire principles is helping you grow WITHOUT adding unnecessary complexity to your business. That means, we use deep insights from Phase I to choose & build the perfect funnel for you.

Yup – we’re not a “one-trick-pony”. In fact, we can’t stand agencies that have only one way of doing things and try to force you into their cookie-cutter solution.

That’s where our Armory comes in. It includes not one, but three of our most effective funnels – proven to work for experts all across Europe and the USA.

They are called: The Arrow, The Vortex and The Catapult (you can learn more about them inside our Rempire emails).

Each of them has its own strengths and use cases that cover the needs of 95%* experts.

*If none of our funnels are applicable to you, don’t worry – we will let you know before partnering with you and even recommend you to an agency more suitable to your needs.

Bottom line: Based on your unique situation, we choose the right funnel from the Armory, custom-build it for you – so it perfectly matches your brand, tone and message.

Phase III - The Conquest


This is where we launch your custom-built funnel from Phase II and start bringing you those 5-60 new clients per month (depending on your prices and capacities).

To deliver on that promise, we cannot just bring you leads – after all, they can’t pay your bills. We’re also there for you when it comes to selling & closing these people.

And don’t worry – we won’t force you into some “americanized” selling. Instead, we show you our proven relaxed & ethical selling system – where people like talking to you, love paying you and are even grateful for the opportunity.

Phase IV. - The Empire


While the core Impact Crusade™ has three phases, there is one extra phase for experts that have huge ambitions (and we actually enjoy working with them).

These are the experts we start playing a different game with.

We don’t think just about growing a business. We shoot for domination. An Empire.

That means we start to add new offers, build out new funnels, multiply advertising channels, hire new team members and go into untapped markets…

while at the same time keeping all activities aligned with their goals and ambitions.

Want a behind-the-scenes look
at the Impact Crusade™?

Want a behind-the-scenes look at the Impact Crusade™?

Uncover the actual tactics, strategies and concepts
that get our clients results…

Uncover the actual tactics, strategies and concepts that get our clients results…

We are happy to share this with you…

(in a way that you’ll ABSOLUTELY love… or think it’s “stupid” and you’ll unsubscribe after the first email)

…RIGHT AWAY – just click the button below and enter your name & email.

Say what??

You want MORE proof that this stuff works?


I’ll make an exception for you…

Here’s even more success stories of our clients…

Having dealt with agencies before, I can only say that the Rempire Media team has blown all my expectations out of the water. They’ve taken all the marketing work off my shoulders that I used to do myself.

In just the first 3 weeks of working together, they filled up all my available slots for the next three months – which is crazy, considering my service packages can go up to 950 € per client.

But what’s really important to me is that with Rempire Media, I’ve found a reliable partner who’s in sync with me and deeply understands my work.

Brigita Bračko,
Hypno-transformation therapist and yoga teacher

We started working with Rempire Media when we wanted to set up digital marketing years ago, because we realized that we weren’t capable of it ourselves.

First, we drastically increased the number of clients in my centers, then practically doubled the number of clients for all other franchise centers, and consequently, Slovenia became one of the fastest-growing countries in the Helen Doron English system.

Nina Žerjal,
Owner of Helen Doron English Slovenia

The results were absolutely BRUTAL! Because of Rempire Media, we achieved more with the first campaign than what I achieved in a year, by myself. Yes, the results were that amazing! 

I’ve been working with them for more than 3 years now, and I couldn’t recommend them more. They are organized, diligent, consistent and always put their customers first.

Niko Valand,
owner of the fitness center Starfit



Clearing this up now saves us
those “difficult” conversations later…

Clearing this up now saves us those “difficult” conversations later…

Clearing this up now saves us those “difficult” conversations later…

Partnering with us
IS for you, if…

Partnering with us IS for you, if…

Partnering with us
is NOT for you, if…

Partnering with us is NOT for you, if…

How can The Impact Crusade™
transform your business?

How can The Impact Crusade™
transform your business?

You’re now probably expecting a killer sales pitch about why you HAVE to work with us. Meh – we’d rather make this initial feeling out process as relaxed and as fun for you as possible.

So, we invite you to click the button below and fill in your name & email on the next page.

We’ll then send you our infamous welcome emails, where we (ahem… in a weird different way) introduce you to key concepts we use to guarantee explosive client results.

If our communication style (or marketing approach) isn’t your “cup of tea”, feel free to unsubscribe anytime, as we probably wouldn’t be a good fit for partnering anyway.

But if, after reading the emails, you realize that the Impact Crusade™ is exactly what you want to help you skyrocket your business, there’s a link in practically every email that takes you to our unique application process.

Who are the founders of

Written in 3rd person - to make at least one thing on this page sound professional…

Written in 3rd person - to make
at least one thing on this page sound professional…

Rene Trupej and Renato Lozinšek have been living & breathing marketing for the past 8 years. After each of them launched successful marketing campaigns in combined 45+ niches in their home country of Slovenia, they came together in 2021 – to specialize in working exclusively with experts (who are changing people’s lives with their services). 

During the next 2 years, they worked “behind the scenes” – perfecting the Impact Crusade™ concept while helping experts spread their message, get more clients, and make more impact.

Because the whole thing worked so well, they started testing it internationally – working with experts in the UK, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Spain and the USA among others.

When they realized The Impact Crusade™ works no matter the niche, language or country, they knew it was finally time to step out of the shadows and launch Rempire Media – a specialized marketing agency for helping experts grow their business and make more impact.

With their team, they’re fulfilling this mission on a daily basis, serving a variety of clients who share one thing in common – they all love working with Rempire Media and the results it brings*.

*You can find their success stories here.


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